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We offer legal guidance for individuals or family members who wish to file pro se litigation. American Leading Edge Research Team (“ALERT”) is a group of federal defense attorneys and federal criminal paralegals that can aid in obtaining relief in your criminal case for drugs, money laundering, firearms, white collar crime including medicare fraud, insurance fraud, computer fraud, bank fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud, Hobbs Act Robbery and child pornography to name a few types of cases that we handle. ALERT handles federal criminal cases from pre-indictment and indictment, pretrial investigations, plea context negotiations, trial, and sentencing to postconviction remedies including direct appeals, § 2255 motions, Rule 59(e) and 60(b) motions, Certificates of Appealability (“COA”), Petitioners for Writs of Certiorari and 2241 writs of habeas corpus.

American Leading Edge Research Team

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American Leading Edge Research Team